Application Introduction

School Choice Arizona’s application process has been simplified! You can now register for a parent portal online and complete one, three-part application to have your students considered for awards. Do not forget to submit one application for each child you are seeking to have considered.

The parent portal will allow parents to have access to their scholarship award history. It will also allow for an easier application process in future years. The application will have a series of Eligibility Sections that will help School Choice Arizona determine what scholarships your student qualifies for. Please visit the Scholarship Application page of our website to view our scholarship timeline, see what qualifies your student for different scholarships, or download verification forms before you apply.

Apply Online Now for 19-20!
19-20 Printable Application

What Does the Selection Committee Consider?

When making considerations, our selection committee can only consider complete applications. Our committee considers the following:

1. Family Financial Information: List gross income from work as well as other income (welfare, child support, spousal maintenance, pensions, retirement, social security, and all other income). Please include ALL members of your  household and their income, even if it is $0.

2. Narrative: A brief narrative describing your student’s character, leadership, community involvement, school achievement, personal accomplishments, and extracurricular interests. Please provide 2-3 paragraphs when applying.

3. Recommendations (Individual Original & Overflow only): For individual applicants, our committees are able to consider donor recommendations as part of the consideration process. Nothing is guaranteed with donor recommendations. Donor recommendations cannot be considered under Corporate Scholarships.

Additional Information

  • Please do not submit multiple copies of your application, if you need to update your information, please email

  • Parents must submit one application per child every school year.

  • Applications expire May 31st, of that school year, regardless of when we receive it.

  • If you have questions about the new applications, visit the Contact Us page to get in touch with our office.

  • Our selection committee can only consider complete applications.

Important Award/Scholarship Timeline

  • March 1st: New applications available for next year

  • May 15th: Application deadline for Summer Low-Income Corporate award

  • 1st Week of June: Summer Low-Income Corporate Scholarship awards

  • June 30th: Application deadline for Summer Original and Overflow awards

  • 4th Week of July: Summer Original and Overflow Scholarship awards

  • September 30th: Application deadline for Fall Original/Overflow awards

  • 2nd Week of November: Fall Original and Overflow Scholarship awards

  • December 31st: Application deadline for Winter Low-Income Corporate awards

  • 4th Week of January: Winter Low-Income Corporate Scholarship awards

  • February 28th: Application deadline for Spring Original and Overflow awards

  • 4th Week of March: Spring Original and Overflow Scholarship awards

  • Year-Round: Disabled/Displaced Applications are considered as we have eligible applicants and available funds